Ural Medical Company winner "EcoWorld"

The jury of the international environmental competition "EcoWorld" annually determines its laureates. The winners are individual developers and organizations that have achieved significant results in the field of environmental conservation, rational use of resources, creation of new environmentally friendly products.

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LLC "Ural Medical Company" specializes in the production of medical instruments and equipment. One of these tools used in dentistry is injectors. The difference between the injectors produced by this company and traditional ones is that their use, compared to traditional metal ones, excludes possible infection with hepatitis and other diseases during procedures. In addition, part of the injector can be sent for further processing. These products of the Ural Medical Company were highly appreciated by the jury of the international environmental competition "EcoWorld"-2018, and the organization became the winner of the competition in the nomination "Environmental developments, resource-saving and waste-free technologies". The results of the competition, informing the authorities, the public and potential buyers of products, made it possible to draw the attention of the Government of the Russian Federation to the need to significantly increase the production of dental injectors. Speaking on June 20, 2019 at a meeting of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, the company's management announced negotiations on the construction of a large plant for the production of dental injectors with a volume of 200 million pcs.